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🎶✨Radio Wigwam’s next live show Hits The Bedford next week! 🌟🎤 Electronic music fans, lovers of the ’80s aesthetic, and synth-pop enthusiasts don’t miss out! Join Wigwam’s own Richard Sinclair leading us through a special FREE Syntherapy Show Live in the heart of London on Wednesday the 5th of June: Richard’s showcase features an electric […]

We are very proud that Radio Wigwam is going to be part of Focus Wales 24! As a champion of independent music in Wales this is a natural fit for us to showcase the very best talent from Wales.     You can also be part of this as you can come and join us […]

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune franchise draws on sci-fi novelist Frank Herbert’s series of books, which were first published almost 60 years ago (and proved to be inspirational to the likes of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg). They chronicle the conflicts and political intrigue as two opposing factions look to secure rule over the inhospitable desert world […]

A lot is packed into Midnight Melody but EWFNO smash through this to ensure their follow up to the self-titled classic will surely get the same reception. Christian John     Midnight Melody is a 14-track modern day classic by the US rock band Elliott Waits For No One, which takes you on a journey […]

The results for the 7th Radio Wigwam Awards are now in! To see the full list of winners and to see the highlights just click here The awards are in association with Jamma and here is a full look at our sponsors:

The nominees for the 7th Radio Wigwam Awards have been announced! To see the full list just click here The awards are in association with Jamma and here is a full look at our sponsors:

  We are delighted to announce that there will be yet another Radio Wigwam Jam Live! On Friday January 26 (the day after the Radio Wigwam Awards) London Rock Shows in conjunction with Radio Wigwam and Jamma will be hosting some of the very best talent to come our of the Wigwam. Come join us […]

We are delighted to announce that the next Radio Wigwam Jam Live will be at The Camden Club! On November 30 2023, Radio Wigwam will showcase some of the very best emerging talent that has come through the station! Tickets are free and you can grab a bite to eat too! For further information and […]

We are delighted to announce that RnR Weekly Show with Scottie Richardson has found a new home with Radio Wigwam! Scottie Richardson has been a high school athletic director and basketball coach for 29 years, owner and CEO of Wrestler Weekly a social media juggernaut and curator of professional wrestling history, and finally the host […]

We are delighted to announce that The Fishbowl Radio Show with Cameron Pettit is now coming to Radio Wigwam! Known for promoting shows across London, Cameron has a keen eye for unsigned and upcoming bands as well as a love for lots of classic hits. Mixing new and old with some under the radar artists […]

For those not already aware, Season 2 of Good Omens is now accessible on Amazon Prime. This 6-part series, which follows on from the generally applauded 1st one, continues the terrestrial exploits of characters originally created by the late great Terry Pratchett (Colour of Magic, Reaper Man) and the likewise highly-respected Neil Gaiman (Stardust. American Gods) – stemming […]

  I’ve decided to write a short review on Haunted Mansion. The film centres around a single mom and her son who hire a tourist guide and a priest to exorcise an evil ghost Hatbox, who is terrorising the 999 other resident ghosts who also inhabit their new home. A classic battle of good versus […]