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Jeff Burson

Jeff Burson, the Electronic Music Person, cut his teeth on old issues of Trouser Press, Rolling Stone, NME and Creem magazine. His eclectic taste in music was honed by his love of 80’s New Wave, Punk and Ska, but it was the electronic sounds of synth that made his heart beat just a little faster.

While working as a television engineer, he was driving through Cleveland Ohio between shoots, and heard a sound so new – he just had to pull over and listen. This was the beginning of his love of Indie Electronic Music. His discovery of Industrial, Goth, EBM, Darkwave and Synthpop led him to create the 3-hour weekly show, “Electronic Warfare.”

During COVID lockdown he followed up with the podcast “Sonic Transducer Radio.” Tapped by yet another radio station he hosted a weekly Top 20 program of new Indie Electronic music, and in 2022 Jeff created his most recent radio program, “SYNTHscape”.
While SYNTHscape features new electronic music, it also showcases classic tunes that defined the genre.

Jeff and his wife Lesa divide their time between homes in Birmingham Alabama in the US and Bisacquino, Sicily. He is always looking for new music to share with the listening audience.

You can hear SYNTHscape every Thursday at 9pm.





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