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Martyn is an award-winning singer-songwriter, ex-member of rock band Ether and the host of The Martyn Peters show on Radio Wigwam. Every other Friday at 9pm an hour of eclectic music covering all genres and styles!

New stuff. Old stuff. Gold stuff. Blissoutdontmissout!

Frank is an award-winning indie rock recording artist homegrown from Upstate New York that reignites the fuel on the genre that refuses to die.

Combining Jake's love of many music genres, including rock, heavy rock, punk, indie, alternative and pop.

Chikaya has joined Radio Wigwam to host the fantastic "Indie Jukebox with Chikaya" which showcases some of the finest indie from global emerging artists of all genres

Host of the What’s Rockin’ and the main man behind SlayerQueen & The Coolgang Foxtrots.

Cameron Pettit hosts the The Fishbowl Radio Show with an eye for unsigned and upcoming bands as well as a love for lots of classic indie.

Craig Mapstone hosts the Welsh Connections Playlist Show, bringing the very best of Welsh music (and music with a Welsh connection) to the masses every week!

Ola's Kool Kitchen is an eclectic mix of sounds. Different genres will hold hands skipping merrily into the sunset in my program. I’m also intrigued with ferreting out hidden gems from the past and the future. I interview and record many artists and bands, both big and small. Remember, I record my show because commercial radio sucks!