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BANDwagon Show

Christian John June 30, 2021


Bad Sex – Lex
Louise Marshall – Spoils
Elli de Mon – Blue Spirit Blues
Bastette – Talk About It
Bluebyrd – Sing me the song
Neptune Rain – Bitter Pill
The Retro Shift – Are You A Hero?
Tube Amp 101 – Disconnection
Blyss – Fruitless Child
Eon MC Etc. & Alkaline23 – Dream Girl
Tempus Frayed – Stubborn
The Strays – Cool Your Jets
Wild Horse – Record Collection
Yunger – Let’s get lost
Bill Fever – Money Goes To Bloody Money
WREX – Halfway
Amongst The Pigeons – Bring The Stars Closer (feat. Emma King)
Blackwater Son – The Enemy
Lui$a – Obsidian
Dom Malin – Yesterday’s Love
Amina Zari – Addiction
Twiggy Branches – The Radiant Twist
Hit ‘n’ Mizz – Action
Fiefdom – Under the Lightning
FIRE sets FIRE – Maybe We Can Dance

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