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Founder and DJ of the BANDwagon Indie Show. Specialises in rock, metal, indie-rock and any good music

A pretty broad remit when it comes to the music. The host of Eclectica covers Indie, New Wave, Electro, Punk, Ska, Rock & anything you find in between & playing music from any era, from the 60s right through to the modern day - as long as it sounds good then that's all that matters. There will be a mix of classic crowd-pleasers and more obscure tracks too.You can tweet me during my shows @radio_WIGWAM 

Jake presents Electrodrome, the electronic music show. A former electro and deep house DJ, Jake played at Ministry of Sound, Turnmills &amp; Egg alongside some of dance music’s biggest names (including Smokin’ Jo, Tim Sheridan and Sander Kleinenberg). He writes and produces his own electronic-influenced guitar music as The West View. This is for anyone with a love of electro-oriented music. <a title="" href="">@ElectrodromeFM</a>

Genre-fluid music - the way radio was supposed to be...

Glasgow duo The Gastown Panic -  bringing a broad mix of musical styles from various eras to the Wigwam airwaves

Luna Keller is a young indie singer-songwriter with a great passion for good music. Her own music introduced her to the indie community discovering wonderful songs away from the mainstream. She hosts a once-monthly show showcasing her fellow indie artists: "Why doesn’t everyone know these songs?" - with music from all over the world that deserves to be heard. @LunaKellerM

Martyn is an award-winning singer-songwriter, ex-member of rock band Ether and the host of The Martyn Peters show on Radio Wigwam. Every other Friday at 9pm an hour of eclectic music covering all genres and styles!

Presents ‘That Eighties Vibe’ give you exactly what you’d expect from that decade.

New stuff. Old stuff. Gold stuff. Blissoutdontmissout!

Frank is an award-winning indie rock recording artist homegrown from Upstate New York that reignites the fuel on the genre that refuses to die.

The Power Hour combines Jake's love of many music genres, including rock, heavy rock, punk, indie, alternative and pop.

Synthwave & electronic music from recording artist Richard Sinclair